Thursday, June 27, 2013

Yongin - Everland

The day has finally arrived! We were all excited to go to Everland! It was the only weekday in Korea where we had the whole day to play before our lessons started.

Walking to Overseas Chinese High School bus stop near our dorm (Yonsei Muak Dorm), we took Bus 7017 to Ewha Women’s Univ. station. We could also have taken Bus 3 or Bus 153 to Sinchon station. Taking the subway to Jamsil station, we waited for Bus 5007. There were bus stops in the middle of the road and that's where we had to take the bus. It was quite confusing initially but thank god there was a kind soul who helped us check for the directions. It was more than an hour bus ride and after reaching the bus terminal, we still had to take a shuttle bus to the entrance.

While waiting for our bus to Everland

It was near 11am when we reached Everland. Instead of purchasing the one-day ticket at ₩46,000, we presented the discount coupon and paid ₩37,000 each. You can print the discount coupon from their website here. It is only applicable for foreigners and there's always the discount throughout the year.

Entrance of Everland

Not forgetting a group selfie

Pororo shop

Feeling excited, we headed to our 1st stop, the Hurricane. It was a spinning ride and was quite thrilling but only Jewel, Jiahui, Jake and I rode it. I was quite shock to see the short queue in almost every rides. Probably because the last time I went, I had to wait for at least an hour for every ride!

The 2nd stop was Rodeo where all of us took it since it was almost similar to the spinning cup ride. Throughout the whole ride, I was holding onto my camera and videoing the others.

Not long after, we came across our 3rd stop, the Columbus Adventures, aka the Viking ship. One of the most anticipated ride I wanted to ride.

After some time, we decided to take a short break from the rides because we didn’t want those who didn’t dare to ride those scary rides feel bored. So we waited for a while and had a small snack time before watching the 3D Pororo show, our 4th stop. I forgot it was in Korean.

Heading down, our 5th stop was Double Rock Spin. I remember queuing for more than 2 hours the previous time I was there. This time with Jewel, Hanyan, Jiahui and Jake, we queued for only a few minutes. I keep looking and smiling at the camera as we rode it. Just so typical me.

Our 6th stop was Let’s Twist, a ride I did not ride before. Along with Hanyan, Jewel and Jiahui, we queued for the ride.

Rode down to Zootopia where it was time to visit the animals! Our 7th stop was Space Tour where it was a simulation ride, though it was 2D.

At Petting Zoo, our 8th stop, there were many cute guinea pigs, lambs, ducks, rabbits, little chicklings and chickens that could fly out of their pens.

Finally, we went to take the ride which Running Men took before in one of their episode – our 9th stop, the Amazon Express. A slightly wet ride and I tried to take as many photos without getting my camera wet. The others were quite unlucky while I didn't get wet. They were selling mini melts (₩3,500 – ₩4,000) just beside Amazon Express and it was put in a cap-like bowl.

Tried to take a panorama with all of us inside

Next up, we took the Safari World bus to see lions, tigers, bears and even a liger! The bears were clever and tamed! Standing on two feet and leaning against the bus while it was being fed.

We queued for around 30 minutes to take the bus at Lost Valley, the water bus that Kim Jong Kook took. The distance between the bus and the lions were so far away, Kim Jong Kook must really have a lot of strength to throw the meat to them in the show. We were so close to the giraffe that one of them stuck their head in to feed on the leaves some of us were given.

Finally, it was our last ride of the day, T Express. Since only Jewel, Hanyan, Jake and I dared to ride, the other 3 went for dinner. It was quite a long queue so we took many photos while waiting. I wanted to film the whole ride but they didn’t allow me to hold onto it. The ride was really thrilling and I wanted to ride once more but we didn’t have much time left.

We skipped the parade and took the cable car back to the exit, enjoying the night lights in Everland.

Taking bus back to Jamsil station, we quickly made our way back to our dorm since we were running late for our curfew. Thank god we managed to make it on time and Hanyan joined us for the night.

Address: 199, Everland-ro, Pogok-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
Operating Hours: Weekdays: 10:00am to 10:00pm ; Sat: 10:00am to 8:00pm ; Sun: 9:30am to 10:00pm
Admission Fees: Adult ₩44,000 ; Teenagers ₩37,000 ; Children ₩34,000
- From Sinnonhyeon station, Gangnam station, take Bus 5002.
- From Suseo station, Jamsil station, take Bus 5700.