Friday, August 02, 2013

Seoul - Jaejoong's Coffee Cojjee café

If you like DBSK♡, you will definitely be interested to visit Jaejoong's café, Coffee Cojjee! It is located in quite a secluded place in the high-end street of Apgujeong and is in the same building as Kang Ho's salon.

Needless to say, let's start exploring the café!

1st floor is Jaejoong's Coffee Cojjee and 2nd floor is Kang Ho's The Red Carpet

Price list for the salon

Greeted by this huge soft toy when entering

Of course, there are many photos of Jaejoong around the café.

I just want to steal the cushion home!

A shelf dedicated to the fans' presents he received

The staff were not very friendly, to be truthful.

There was a shelf full of albums (mostly with signatures) that probably Jaejoong had collected to display in the café. That includes JYJ, DB5K, BEAST, Boyfriend and Junsu's albums.

The woman's toilet

Cafe mocha and Caramel mocha, ₩6,800 each. It tasted quite nice, but it is a little costly for the drink.

**A/N: It was known that Jaejoong had withdrawn his investment**

Address: Apgujeong-ro 62 gil, 17-10
Operating Hours: 10:00am - 8:00pm
Directions: Take subway to Apgujeong Rodeo station. From Exit 3, you will see Galleria building on your left and from there, walk straight until you see the intersection between Escada and Citibank. You will pass by a humongous poster of SM Entertainment. You will see Escada shop on your right and Citibank will be at the little intersection on the other side. Turn right and once you see Yumm & Katie, there will be an intersection. Turn left and there will be another intersection. Turn right and keep walking straight. Once you see Kate’s Kitchen on your right, there will be another intersection. Turn right and then you will see Coffee Cojjee on your left.