Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Yonsei University - Muak Dormitory

Muak dormitory is the assigned dormitory for students who applied for Yonsei KLI programme. The dormitory is located on the University Campus, on the hill by the North Gate.

The dormitory from the outside

  • There are 2 students in one room, each provided with a desk (including chair), a bookshelf, a wardrobe, and a bed.
  • The rooms are furnished with an air conditioner and wired LAN. You will have to bring your own lan cable.
  • There are 2 bathroom and public shower facilities located on each floor.
  • There is a curfew and everyone has to be back in the dormitory by 12 midnight, and the dorms are locked between 12:00am and 5:30am.

Located in the basement floor, there is a common laundry room, convenience store and cafeteria.

  • It cost ₩500 and ₩1,000 to use the washing machines and dryers respectively. You can change for coins at the coin machine on the first floor.
  • You can purchase your detergent as well as snacks at the convenience store. They sell banana milk at ₩100 cheaper than outside.
  • The cafeteria's menu changes everyday and in order to buy the food, you will have to purchase the coupon at the convenience store.

The corridor of the dormitory

There is a password door lock for each room.

How the room looks like for one student. It's pretty messy at my side.

The cafeteria located at the basement of the dorm

There is a Yonsei shuttle bus service that operates between Sinchon subway station and Muak dormitory, every Monday to Friday from 12:30pm to 8:00pm. We waited for the shuttle bus, which has an interval of 15 minutes, at Sinchon station Exit 4 and alighted at Muak dormitory, which is the end stop. We were taken back by the steep slope before reaching the dormitory. It was very tiring to push our luggage up the slope.

Taking public transport to Muak dormitory

Yonsei shuttle bus service from Muak dormitory to Sinchon station.

How the Yonsei shuttle bus looks like

Can't really tell that it was steep

By our last day staying in the dormitory, our view while walking up the slope probably looked like this

During check-in, we were required to show them our passport and pass them a 3x4 photo in order to receive a identification card for staying at the dormitory. And we were given a pillow, single-layer quilt, mattress cover and pad to bring to our room. I was pretty lucky because my appeal to have Jewel as my room mate was approved. We stayed on the 2nd floor, which was very convenient for us whenever we headed out of the dormitory.

The ID card, which we took the next day after checking in

KLI provides shuttle bus service from Muak dormitory every morning from 8.30am to 8.50am, and it will send us straight to the entrance of KLI buiding. Otherwise, it takes about 15 minutes by walking.

If I had another chance, I would not choose to stay in Muak dormitory because apart from the morning shuttle bus service to KLI building as well as the Yonsei shuttle bus service to and fro Sinchon station, it was quite inconvenient for us to stay out late at night. Most of the time, we would take taxi back to the dorm to avoid climbing up the steep slope. Furthermore, the curfew made it difficult for us to plan our weekend trips out of Seoul, as well as having an overnight shopping spree at Dongdaemun. I would find a student housing apartment near KLI building, and it may be cheaper than staying at Muak dormitory. It was part of our consideration when applying for the housing in Yonsei but we dropped the idea.

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