Sunday, May 04, 2014


While some of my friends are mugging hard for their last paper or have already finished their finals, I still have two more papers to go and I'm so distracted right now. KBS World TV has uploaded variety shows I've been waiting for a week and I'm very tempted to watch them right now. There's Gag Concert, The Return of Superman, The Human Condition, Immortal Songs 2, and Let's Go! Dream Team. All these shows are waiting for me to watch them! How can I resist not using my laptop?!

I have a paper on Tuesday morning, and another on Thursday afternoon. I doubt I will score well for them, since I haven't been studying hard for it. I've been procrastinating a lot, focusing more on my other three papers, which were already over. And I should be studying right now, but my hands are totally sore from all the writing.

So I was packing my luggage for our US trip this afternoon and I felt that time passed too quickly. It was a month ago when I downloaded this widget on my phone to count the number of days left till we fly, and I remembered there were still 35 days left. Currently, I have only 4 more days before my finals officially end and head to the airport for a 20 hours flight long! And I can't wait for 8th May to arrive!

I have prepared all the episodes of Yoochun's drama, Three Days, to watch on the plane. It was so hard for me to resist from watching the drama and thank god it had completed airing the drama before our trip.

Okay, my mum had just passed me a pair of fake eyelashes from Mac and wanted me to try it on. So I guess I shall end it off here and figure out how to stick them on.

PS: Big thanks to Jewel ❤ who helped me sell off my album/book this evening because I was lazy to head down.

Edited at 10:25pm: I finally watched Immortal Songs 2 and teared (my eyes were really wet) when ZE:A won the trophy with a score of 429! After having so many awesome performances on the show, their hard work finally paid off!