Monday, May 05, 2014

Etude House's bubble hair coloring review

I dyed my hair a few hours ago using Etude House's bubble hair coloring, No. 3 Natural Brown. The instructions were quite simple, 1) mix the dye, 2) shake the bottle, 3) wear your gloves, 4) apply to your hair like you're shampooing it.

I started by applying it on the roots, since it was the darkest color. My ends were the last to be applied as it was bleached before. During the 30 minutes wait, my scalp felt itchy and the dye was actually dripping down my face. The dye actually made my hair dye and hard at some point of time.

So after rinsing with cold water, I applied the after-treatment condition and my hair was smooth and completely different from dry. It was actually different from when I dyed my hair with the same brand a year ago.


My hair was in a dark shade of brown and after dyeing, the color was quite obvious. Usually, the color of the roots would not be obvious or remained as black, but after the dye, it does show the color.

It's actually worth a try on the bubble hair dye, but there's a risk it would damage your hair and cause it to be dry. It's easy to dye your hair, it's non-alkali and has no smell! There are 4 other color ranges: deep black, dark brown, wine red, and sweet orange.