Thursday, June 19, 2014

New York -- Orlando

We had a 2pm domestic flight to catch on our 4th day in US to Orlando! Feeling excited but hungry, we found a nice comfy cafe near our hotel to have breakfast. Love their interior design. I ordered an egg sandwich, and it was pretty delicious and filling!

We waited for a taxi at our hotel and made our way to LaGuardia Airport Delta Terminal. The airport was nearer as compared to JFK Airport and on our way, I couldn't help staring at the sky.

It cost us US$243 each to take the flight from New York to Orlando.

I was quite surprised to see iPad on every table in the airport! Passengers can enjoy the free WiFi as well as order a meal from the iPad. Fret not to miss your flight because you can select your flight number and they would notify you when it's time to board. Cool!

Saw this while we were about to take off.

New York City

We finally reached Orlando International Airport after 3 hours of flight. It was less colder in Orlando and the people seems much nicer than in New York.

We had to take the sky train to the bag claim area.

US$5 to rent the trolley =.=

We took Fox Rent A Car shuttle bus to collect the rented car.

We felt a little cheated because the amount mentioned to us to rent the car was US188, but when we went to the place, we had to pay more insurance, taxes, and many other unnecessary cost. And the attitude of one of the staff was pretty bad, we didn't have a good experience renting from them.

Our car for the 6 days in Orlando! Big and comfy!

Stayed at Country Inn & Suite for 5 nights.

After settling down, we went for a drive to nearby mall, The Florida Mall. It looked like any other mall we have visited in LA or San Francisco.

I remember eating the Teriyaki Chicken from this stall years ago and really love it.

There are the usual stores: The Macy's, H&M, Forever 21, Abercombie&Fitch, and the branded goods like Coach and Michael Kors. You can view their website for more stores.