Thursday, June 26, 2014

Orlando - Universal Studios Florida

After visiting Islands of Adventure (read my post here) and having our lunch, we headed to Universal Studios. I've been to a few other Universal Studios in other parts of the world and I could say that this visit is the best! The rides (especially) were so thrilling, the shows were unique and awesomes, and the photos taken are probably the nicest. I used to look nerdy and was fatter in the past. I'm pretty satisfied with myself in this trip!

A standard photo to anybody who visits Universal Studios!

Famous yellow taxi.

Homer Simpsons and Lisa Simpsons! A pity we didn't manage to take with the other family members!

Men in Black! They actually stopped and posed for me!

One of my favourite photos of the day! Scooby Doo! He tickled my neck when taking the photo.

This was taken at the Universal Orlando's Horror Make-Up display area.

Saw squirrels everywhere we go!

Woody Woodpecker's KidZone
Pity we didn't visit the area much.

It was something new to us and it was pretty kiddish, with us sitting on the bicycles (we don't even have to pedal!) and looking around at the grapics.

World Expo
Finally came to the Simpsons' Springfield!

Trying to act buff Duff.

Krustyland! The place for kids who love to play arcade games!

We watched one of the Fear Factor show, which was really amazing! The contestants were brave to challenge themselves!

San Francisco
Pretending to be a director!

This DISASTER! ride is pretty cool! Some of us were chosen to act out a particular scene and they actually edited it into a movie teaser! Hilarious yet awesome! And we experienced floods/electricity shortage/fire all at once while sitting in a subway train!

I was bluffed by how real this is because I was into Starbucks card collection and wanted to get a new card.

Production Central
Hollywood RIp Ride Rockit - I LOVE THIS RIDE! Going up 90 degrees and coming down at a super high-speed! If only I was able to sit again, I would probably grab my camera and video the whole ride!

So after a long day at both theme parks, we headed back to our hotel and stopped by at Denny's for dinner (at freaking 9pm!). The portion was really big and we probably looked like we didn't touch the food even though we were already quite full.

There's definitely not a single person who flew to Orlando without visiting this theme park! I super highly recommend it (over Singapore's Universal Studios) and I wish to go back there someday for the rides again!

Address: 6000 Universal Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32819
Operating Hours: (varies from 8:0am to 9:00am) to 10:00pm
Admission Fees: Adult US$136 ; Child US$130 (For 1-day, Park-to-Park admission)

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